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Dr. Smita Jain NarangWe would like to introduce ourselves as a company focused on services related to Vastu Shastra. PANKH VASTU CENTRE an organization lead by Dr. Smita Narang, a professional Vastu Expert, is fully devoted to the development of Vastu Shastra and has taken step to bring our Vedic culture back by specializing in Vastu Shastra. We do the honest attempt in spreading the knowledge of Vastu, which was lost in the limelight of the modern western culture; we are making people aware of the science that is very natural.

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What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra - an inquisitive science of architecture encapsulates the forces which act upon a given space through flow of positiv energy. Vastu refers to 'abode' or mansion and Shastra or Vidya means science or knowledge, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred holistic science pertaining to designing and building of houses. The principles of vastu have been derived from Sthapathya Veda- one of the ancient scared books in Hinduism. Human body is made up of five elements namely earth, fire, sky, water and air. Similarly earth is also comprises of these 'Panchbhootas' which we need to balance through there corresponding directions.

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Vastu Tips for Good Health

Vastu Shastra for Good Health How to attain good health by following Vastu principles? Does Vastu Shastra effect the health of the people living in the house? What kind of health problems can a person face if there is any Vastu dosh in the house? Find you answers to all your questions on Vastu Tips for good health.

Colors according to Vastu Shastra

Colors according to Vastu Shastra Colors in Vastu Shastra are based on the representative elements of that specific direction. There are different colors defined for North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West and North-West directions. Know more about colors according to Vastu Shastra in this chapter.

Vastu for Entrances

Vastu Entrances In Vastu Shastra some entrances are very good, where as some are considered detrimental.Which entrances are good and which are bad according to Vastu Shastra? What are the remedies for entrances in the wrong direction? Find out all about entrances in this topic.

Vastu for South West Facing Houses

Vastu for South West Facing Houses South-West facing houses, are they good or bad? Should one purchase a house or an apartment which has a South-West facing entrance? What should one do if they are already living in a house with the South-West entrance? Know more.

Vastu Tips for Home Office / Work from home Vastu Tips

Work From Home In today’s world work from home has become a necessity. Due to various reasons employees are being asked to work from home.

Placement of Mirrors according to Vastu Shastra

Mirror In Vastu, mirrors are believed to repel either positive energies or suck all the negative energies and attract prosperity.

Unable to Conceive?
How to know whether wrong Vastu is obstructing a female from becoming pregnant?

Pregnancy Problem Most women are unaware that if their house is not compliant according to Vastu Shastra then they might never be able to conceive a baby

Effect of T-Point House

T-Point House Vastu Shastra Tip: T-point house are generally considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra and they are called Vedhi Shool in Vastu. A road that

South-East Facing Site, Affects of South-East Facing Property

South-East Facing Site South-east direction is the governing place of Fire or Agni which is most suitable or ideal for kitchen. Houses that face South-east direction are

Mirrors in Bedroom

Bedroom Mirror Vastu Shastra Tip: Mirrors play a significant part in our lives and can have drastic effect in changing lives. The placement of mirror in

Effect of Cut in North-East Corner

Effects of Cut North-East Corner Vastu Shastra Tip: North-east or Ishaan corner is the most significant and holy place in any plot or building which is also called place of God.